Outside of Academia

Creative Writing

During my undergraduate degree, I explored a variety of fields before ultimately deciding on my degree path. The one that I was unable to shake, outside of my science courses, was Creative Writing. This led to a declared minor and a series of projects, published and unpublished, stretching from my undergraduate honors thesis, which explored my time in Thailand working with an elephant sanctuary and elephant conservation, to my current science fiction/tech noir project Hart Beat Podcast.

Hart Beat Podcast was itself a transdisciplinary project, a combination of a character invented in a noir writing class and a setting invented in an immunology lecture. We were successfully Kickstarted in 2020, and can be found almost anywhere you listen to podcasts.


I started playing rugby during my freshman year of my undergraduate, until then having been what I would call minimally sporty. After playing for five years on the University Women’s Club Rugby team, I have continued to coach on and off until 2022, when I co-founded the non-collegiate, adult women’s rugby team, Cold Front Rugby.